Facial Hair

Here are 3 ways to wear your facial hair.

First would be the low and even beard. A half guard or a 1 ran all over the beard will keep this look maintained at home in between trips to your barber.

Second would be the goatee. This is a style your barber can get you started on and make it easy to maintain at home until your next visit to the barbershop.

Third option would be a full beard. this will require more frequent trips to the barber and some maintenance at home with shampooing conditioning and keeping moisturized.

Top 3 haircuts Straight hair

The undercut haircut is a great way to keep the sides clean and have length on top to style back or let hang to the sides.

Just let it grow out to 10-12 inches. style to the back with little to no product.

The Crop Haircut is a clean look with skin fade on the sides and 3-5 inches on top textured a lot and styled toward the front of the head.

Ask your barber about one of these that interest you

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